WannaCry Ransomware Update


Announcement to our clients:

We wanted to take a second to update you on the ongoing ransomware threat reported in the news starting Friday (reference article at bottom of this email), and you will be glad to hear that we already have all your systems under management updated to
protect your equipment and data from this ransomware as much as we can. The main vector of attack is a recent vulnerability, which we have had patched for you for 3 weeks already.

Specifically, this is Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010, which released March 14, 2017, and we patch within 2 weeks across the board continuously, so this has been fully patched for your protection since the 21st of March. We delay push of new updates by a week to catch potential bad patches, but deploy it shortly thereafter to protect for short-term hacks.


The patch prevents the spread of the ransomware across an internal network, not the initial infection, so please reiterate to your staff the importance of extreme vigilance when opening files from email or the internet. If in doubt, simply contact your support staff and we can assist with evaluating the safety of a file and its source.

This specific ransomware was halted accidentally by a security researcher looking into it, but please be assured we are continuously managing your security to minimize your exposure, to ALL threats, and running security
measures in the background to maximize your safety and productivity.


BBC article explaining the ransomware:

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