Santa buys tech gifts

Top Tech Holiday Ideas for 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Do you struggle with gifts for that tech-savvy family? Here are a few of our picks from the Ease Tech Team this holiday season.

Ease Tech Help Desk Recommendations

The Apple Watch Series 3
The Apple Watch Series 3 brings new cellular service options as one of its more attractive features. You can make calls and texts with just your phone. The GPS, bright screen and waterproofing features make it incredibly compelling for anyone who has considered a smartwatch. This device has the latest hardware and software, and is designed to work with the iPhone, offering the convenience of using a variety of apps like a calendar, texts, weather, notes, and reminders without needing to pull out a smartphone. It is ideal for the health-conscious geek in the family. The prices start at $329, and it’s available at the Apple and Amazon.

Amazon Echo Plus
The Amazon Echo Plus is a voice-activated home assistant and has been updated for 2017. It is closely tied to many of Amazon’s Prime online shopping services. Echo can provide music, news, sports, weather updates, product ordering, and even get you a pizza delivered from Dominos, all from voice controls.  What’s more, it connects to many other home devices to control lights and thermostats for $149 at

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa
The latest update for Amazon’s tablets is the Fire HD line for 2017. These entry-level tablets have terrific value, with the 8” model starting at $79 to $125. A great device for the home for TV, movies, Internet browsing, games, digital books and other entertainment consumption. Plenty of apps are also available from the Amazon App Store. They are not compatible with your previous Apple iOS devices, but a great stand-alone device with several size options. Spend the extra money to get the upgraded memory and remove the Without Special Offers (advertisements).

Key Smart Pro
Do you know someone who’s always losing their keys around the house?  A Key Smart Pro is an easy way of keeping track of your keys while at home or traveling.  It’s a key holder that has the Smart Tile technology built-in manage and pair it with your iPhone. You can then monitor and locate your keys from your iPhone. It works best when monitoring things in close range and urban areas.  This new model offers provides a rechargeable battery, LED light, and is easy to set-up. The Key Smart can be found on Amazon for $49.

DJI Spark Mini Drone
DJI Spark is a mini quadcopter from the most popular drone company today. It offers a fun and easy way to fly the drone up to 1.2 miles away. It provides some unique navigation controls with hand gestures or an optional controller. A pretty high-end camera provides some very nice video HD video and high-quality pictures. A single Spark starts at $499, but the Fly More Combo includes an extra battery, props, case, and controller. Prices range from $499 up to $639 for the combo package.

Stocking stuffers ideas
You can never have enough power adapters and charging cables. Great stocking stuffers are extra USB car chargers and wall chargers. An adequate supply is great for travel, keeping in the car or office, or for use when a guest shows up.  Plenty of great choices at Amazon from between $5-$20. USB charging cables make a great addition to stocking stuffers too!

Mad Elf Beer

Something to wet your whistle during the holidays
One final thought for the special tech savvy beer connoisseur during the holidays. TRÖEGS Mad Elf is a favorite here during the holidays while we’re not working help desk tickets. It is known as a cheerful ruby red creation brewed with cherries, honey and spicy Belgian yeast reminiscent of cinnamon, clove, and allspice. Rated #1 in Joe Sixpacks Christmas Beers Book.