Top Tech Holiday Gifts for 2016

Do you struggle with gifts for that tech-savvy friend or family member every year?  Here are a few of our picks from the Ease Tech Team this holiday season.

The Apple Watch Series 2


The Apple Watch Series 2 brings advanced fitness-tracking capabilities as one of its more attractive features. The GPS, bright screen, and waterproof features make it incredibly compelling for anyone who has considered
a smart watch. This device with the latest hardware and software is designed to work with the iPhone, offering the convenience of using a variety of apps like a calendar, texts, weather, notes, and reminders without needing to pull out a phone. It is
ideal for the health-conscious geek in the family. The prices start at $369, and it’s available at the

Apple Store

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated home assistant. It is closely tied to many of Amazon’s Prime online shopping services. Echo can provide music, news, sports, weather updates, product ordering, and even get you
a pizza delivered from Dominos, all from voice controls.  What’s more, it connects to many other home devices to control lights and thermostats for $179 at –  
Amazon Echo – Black


Netflix is the most popular online entertainment provider of movies, TV series, documentaries, and self-produced programming. A preferred media service of geeks and those wanting to cut the cable company cord, prices
start at about $9.99/month for the HDTV version. The easiest way to gift this is a gift card found at many local stores. However, you can also purchase gift cards online at


for up to $100.


Do you know someone who’s always losing their keys, wallet or purse around the house?  A Tile is an easy way of keeping track of your things while at home or traveling.  It’s a little device that
is attached to the item you want to manage and then paired to your iPhone. Tiles work with keys, wallets, bags or even bikes. They work best when monitoring things in close range and urban areas.  They are relatively inexpensive and very easy to
set up. There is a small clip-on version for bags and keys, and another that is a flatter style design for a wallet. The prices start at $25 for one Tile and set with a Tile Mate & Slim Combo Pack can be found online.

Battery Recharging Pack

All these mobile tech gear requires additional power while on the road.  There are a wide variety of small, powerful recharging battery packs that can keep those smartphones, iPads, and digital devices functioning
and extend their battery life by many hours. They are perfect for road warriors and families that are always taking trips. The

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh 
 found online is one of the best. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The iPhone is one of the most advanced pieces of portable computing devices ever created. One way to turn that smartphone into a quality music player is by pairing it with a mobile Bluetooth speaker. The best speakers
are portable, rechargeable, and waterproof, but with good-quality sound. You can take them on vacations, to the beach, and at parties. The

UE ROLL Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

meets all of these needs for about $69, and there are plenty of choices if you want to spend less too.

Stocking Stuffers Ideas

You can never have enough power adapters and charging cables. Great stocking stuffers are extra 
USB car chargers

iPhone USB cables


wall outlet adapters
, as they are pretty inexpensive and always needed.  An adequate supply is great for travel, keeping in the car or office, or for use when a guest shows up.  Plenty of great choices at Amazon from between $5-$20.