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The Time to Switch IT Providers Is Now

There’s just so much downtime you can take.

It’s one thing to have a workstation that’s working poorly. But when your network or your server takes a hit, and you’re stuck with a US Postal-paced IT guy trying to sort your problems by scratching his head and sucking the last splashes of a soda out of a Wendy’s cup, you may start to think about switching managed services providers.

The folks at Mushroom Networks recently posted an infographic about how detrimental the effects of downtime are on companies and these are interesting highlights:

  • 72% lost data due to internet downtime
  • Nearly eight hours of work was lost for each incident
  • 43% of productivity disappeared

None of that is to forget the customer satisfaction you may lose out of it.

The Other Option

You need IT concerns off your plate. That’s where a managed services provider (MSP) comes in. When you outsource your IT to those with expertise in the field, you’ve effectively put the burden on their shoulders. And the benefits for doing so are substantial.

Ill Communication

Every day, we at EaseTech talk to frustrated CEOs, CFOs, CIOs who are at their wit’s end with the dead air they get from their managed services provider. Communication, like many elements in modern business, is the key to productivity. Workflow screeches to a halt when communication dies. Many managed services providers don’t see this.

At EaseTech, we pride ourselves on our critical communication with our clients. Good news or bad news, we know business owners want problems solved quickly and efficiently so that downtime is avoided and the business runs smoothly.

Follow Up

Part of any good IT strategy is planning and following through. This doesn’t just refer to the “We’ll be there between noon and midnight” promise that never pans out. This is also big picture ideals.

The EaseTech process has been carefully designed to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. From our initial conversation to analysis of your network, from mapping your new network to the transformation of your workflow, we stand behind our path to controlling the chaos of your system. This is how we walk the walk.

Streamlining Budgets

When you’ve taken the steps to find the right managed services provider, you discover a whole new way to budget your IT expenses. Rather than getting hit with heavy capital expenses for buying new servers, workstations, phones and more, you move your IT to operating expenses. This is true flat-rate IT.

During our mapping process, we help you plan out up to five years of technology that drives you to your business goals. No surprise invoices, no unexpected costs. We help you flatline your IT budget so that you can scale with comfort. And grow with Ease.

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