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Put Your IT Dollars to Work

In the world of private schools, technology can not only pave the way for how students learn and interact with the world’s collective information but can also give your school a competitive edge in a saturated market. With tight budgets, education IT can be a little tricky. But with new innovations in the education market and the right team to ensure you reach your school’s goals, you can put your IT dollars to work for you.

Cloud technology opens a world of benefits to help you gain new exposure in the market, with powerful tools, innovative productivity and collaboration, and the cybersecurity you need to keep students safe.

Tools for Productivity and Collaboration

Whether you’re K-12 or at the university level, the goal is to inspire students to learn. Streamlining that process through the cloud gives you a much wider range of options to excite the students.

When you take education to the cloud, you find that your tools grow far beyond the chalkboard. By migrating to Google for Education, for example, you greatly improve how your students learn. By connecting online, students have smoother access to teachers, with the ability to ask questions, get clarity on assignments and more. Class discussions become more productive in threads, with detailed records of conversations for studying. Collaboration in the classroom skyrockets with the cloud, giving students an educational hub for meeting and working together.

And then Cybersecurity

A key factor in creating an effective education IT program is ensuring that your system is always safe. There are inherent risks with any internet connection, but there are some common sense security best practices you can follow, as well as some bigger picture ideas that will help ensure a safe learning environment for everyone.

A proper ID management program for your students and staff is one of the first steps in securing your school’s network. This will include unique usernames and complicated passwords for everyone. Likewise, firewalls and antivirus software will help layer your system with defenses. You also want to frequently test your system for gaps in security. A weak system is not something you want to discover after it’s too late.

EaseTech Managed Education IT

When you’re planning next year’s IT budget, you want to know you’re getting the tools you need to meet your goals. Part of this is making sure you are paying only for what you need, with the right technology. With technology, it’s extremely easy to go over budget.

That’s where managed education IT services come into play. If you’re fine-tuning an existing technology program, implementing a 1:1 iPad deployment, or starting from scratch, a managed education services provider is an ideal partner to help you reach success.

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At EaseTech, we’ve spent years helping schools rebuild their technology, streamline their IT budgets and innovate their education offering. Call us today to see how managed education services can help your school.