IT outsourcing to an MSP.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Outsourcing is nothing new to the tech industry and any enterprise who leverages technology or an IT team. For decades, it’s been a major source of reducing costs while improving business processes.

IT outsourcing is a great option if you want to easily manage your IT budget and scale according to the growth of the company. It’s an especially good choice if you lack a technical background, or your IT team doesn’t have the resources and expertise to solve tougher IT-related issues.

While you can outsource IT to individual consultants and “freelance” IT guys, a managed service provider (MSP) gives you a better overall experience.

Here are five reasons why you should consider IT outsourcing to an MSP.

1. Enhanced Cybersecurity

In this rapidly evolving digital era, cybersecurity is critical. If your computer security isn’t up-to-date, you run the risk of putting your clients sensitive information in the hands of hackers.

Security gaps can also leave your company liable for any financial damages that may result from data breaches.

Did you know? The average total cost of a data breach was estimated at $3.62 million.

However, outsourcing your IT to an experienced MSP allows you to quickly implement new security technology. A reliable MSP will already a team of qualified IT security professionals with data security expertise to handle your network security.

On the other hand, an in-house IT may lack the exact knowledge required to carry out a large-scale security infrastructure update. Moreover, it could take a lot of time and resources to hire someone who is equipped to handle the project.

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2. Ongoing Support

When you practice IT outsourcing, you get to take advantage of ongoing support. While a consultant may offer flexibility as to what time they’re available, they may not be able to give you around-the-clock IT support.

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Conversely, many MSPs can offer 24/7 support thanks to the size and availability of their teams. While they may not always be available to help on-site, they can always remotely connect to your systems and provide assistance from there.

3. Flat-Rate Costs

When running a company, one of the most important factors to keep it operational and growing is making sure the expenses are under control.

Thanks to the lack of local expertise and the high demand for skilled works in tech, salaries for tech workers often climb into six-figure salaries. Moreover, you’ll have to offer health insurance and other benefits to attract the right IT professionals. There’s also training costs and day-to-day costs to consider, too.

However, you can leverage a flat-rate cost when you outsource your IT to an MSP. This allows you to easily adjust your budget as your company evolves.

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4. Relationship-driven

Another great benefit of leveraging an MSP is the relationship you can build. MSPs can rely on a vast network of vendors and suppliers. This network can help MSPs to quickly implement IT tasks and take care of issues on-demand with leading third-party vendors.

5. Diminished Risk

With IT outsourcing to an MSP, you reduce the risk of liability. The MSP will leverage the expertise of its trained staff to get IT tasks done correctly from the get-go. That means you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to decision-making and more time to do the important tasks that help drive your bottom line.

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Final Thoughts

When you leverage managed services support from a professional MSP, you can save time and money for your business and reduce your liability risks while enhancing your customer’s experiences.

MSPs take the complex job of IT support off your plate so you can focus on your core business operations and not be concerned with processes the company is not built around.