Burning money on IT budget

Nickel-and-Dimed to Death (and Other IT Budgeting Woes)

It’s the holiday season, which means there’s no better time to discuss money disappearing. It’s inevitable. You plan a budget for gifts, and then you show up at the mall. Then the sticky fingers of the shopping gods go for your wallet, the dollars fluttering away like a ticker-tape parade for all the hard work you did this year.

Yes, ‘tis the season for IT budgeting. The new year is upon us, and setting and maintaining your fiscal goals should be a high priority. We talk to new clients all the time who are astounded at the size of their IT debt and expenses. This alone can cause some frequent head scratching for companies, particularly small to medium-sized businesses. But what we often find is that those high bills are often attached to technology that does meet company needs, or far exceeds the demands (at a high cost).

So, how can you ensure your technology isn’t nickel-and-diming you to death in 2018? Here are a couple IT budgeting suggestions from your friends at EaseTech.

Stop Overpaying

It sounds simple but this is complicated. It’s complicated because there’s a conflict of interest. Not all businesses want you to overpay for services you use, but if it turns out that you are, then c’est la vie. AT&T, for example, isn’t going to get you on the horn and go through your thousand-page bill, showing you where you can save money.

Think of this: The average desktop has $259 worth of unused software. That’s software bought and paid for – $30 billion nationwide.

So, why are you doing that? Well, the real reason is that you probably aren’t aware of it. You buy computers preloaded with software, some of which you use, some of which you don’t, all of which you pay for. How many features are you paying for on your office phone line that you don’t use or are unaware of?

An extra couple of bucks for something you don’t need can quickly add up to many bucks for many things you don’t need.

Stop Underpaying

This can also be read as, “Quit buying cheap crap.” Investment in business technology works like every other commodity: You get what you pay for. If you buy your computer workstations from Shockey’s Irregular Electronics, you shouldn’t be surprised when lightning pinballs around your office space.

Knowing exactly what you need takes some good analysis. Many businesses come to us, a bouquet of ethernet cables in each hand, telling tale of a quick, cheap fix that somehow became permanent. To keep your IT budget under control, it’s imperative that your short-term plan includes some long-term thinking. In this way, you can avoid compounding quick-solution costs with long-term expenses.

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Strategic IT Budgeting with EaseTech

You might say we’re obsessed with strategic IT thinking. It’s the only way to make confident decisions that actually help your businesses, while keeping your IT budget in line.

When you’re ready to get a good analysis of your network, give us a call.