Microsoft Teams rolls out to Office 365 customers worldwide

This week, Microsoft started rolling out Teams, its team collaboration service, to Office 365 business customers worldwide. With more than 85 million active Office 365 business customers, Teams will
provide a chat-based workspace to complement the suite of applications on offer such as Outlook, Excel, and Word and more found in Office 365.

Team members of an organization can add or join channels that are created to different projects or divisions within the company.  Inside the Teams environment, you can communicate with your associates through
threaded text messages or via audio and video chat. You can create private one-on-one or small group conversations or open up communications to a larger group.

Microsoft Teams takes direct aim at the very popular program named Slack, which allows coworkers to collaborate via chat in a similar way.

“Outlook is a hub you live in. Teams is a hub you live in,” said Brian MacDonald, the Corporate Vice President who heads up Microsoft Teams. “Unlike Slack, we are not trying to kill email. We’re building strong integration between the two.”

Office 365 business customers will find Teams automatically added to their online version of Office 365.  Desktop versions can also be found and downloaded for faster-cached communications on your PC and
Macintosh.  Mobile versions of Teams are rolling out for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Teams comes at no additional cost beyond what customers already pay for their Office 365 subscriptions.

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