How to Fix Your IT Budget

For most businesses, there is an ever-increasing dependence on technology. Mobility, for example, is transforming the landscape of today’s workforce. But what does mobility do for your IT budget? By the end of this year, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market is expected to reach $73 billion. The estimates are that a BYOD plan could save you hundreds of dollars per employee.

This kind of strategic thinking is essential when managing your IT budget. Because overpaying for tech is a rampant problem for organizations. Part of that is not strategically thinking about how technology fits into your business goals, and the other part is getting caught in the break-fix trap.

So, we want to help you rethink your IT budget. By changing your thinking, you open a new world where your tech actually propels you toward your business goals, instead of slowing you down.

The Problem with IT Problems

For many organizations, technology is a necessary evil. It’s a tool that helps them interact with their customer base, but it isn’t much more. The downside of this is that tech support calls can quickly grow into frequent occurrences. Workflow and organization solutions are often of the moment. Ad hoc processes start to bog down the system. Bad tech, or at least poorly planned IT, becomes a speed bump, bringing increased downtime, halted productivity and near nonexistent innovation.

This is break-fix mode. This is where you consider your IT only when it doesn’t work. And this is no way to run a business. You end up paying more to keep an inadequate system in place. You are perpetually chasing problems without simple answers and no clear, long-term solutions.

We talk to businesses every day who are paying debts on tech that they never needed in the first place, and who are unloading untold costs on IT support that never fixes the problem. But the significance of these costs are felt everywhere. In fact, according to Spiceworks, only 11% of companies are expecting to decrease their IT budgets.

There is, however, a solution.

The Flat-Rate Method

One of the best ways to get a grip on your IT budget is with managed services. This essentially is flat-rate IT. For a predictable monthly fee, you outsource your IT to a managed IT services provider who takes care of all your technology needs. But the biggest benefit is having IT off your plate and onto someone else’s.

With flat-rate IT, your entire infrastructure gets super-sized. Your complex network is simplified. If you have onsite servers, downtime is minimized and scalability with staff is supported. Security management is much more than just antivirus software. You get proactive cybersecurity guarding your data and your clients’ private information. And when you’ve got devices to manage, you get the same best practices for your desktop on any device. Concerns about mobility and productivity become a thing of the past.

The EaseTech Strategic IT Budget Process

Good strategic IT planning gives you the most bang for your buck, with efficiency and easy scalability. We sit down with your leadership team and plan the next three to five years, so you’re never surprised by your IT expenses and you never wonder if you’re heading to your business goals.

The first thing we do is plan out technology solutions that are tailored specifically to your business needs. This includes addressing any existing IT problems and proactively taking measures to prevent future incidents. We bring our tactical expertise and guidance to the table, helping you plan for innovation and creativity in your workflow, and allowing you to save time and focus on your business. All this while cutting costs and streamlining your IT budget.

IT is more than getting a new computer for a new employee. Good strategic IT planning gives you the most bang for your buck, with efficiency and easy scalability.

Call us today to let IT drive your success.