Grab Bag of Tech Tips

The Ease Help Desk answers thousands of questions every year, helping customers out with many types of issues.  Here are a few more recent or common questions and tips we like that might be helpful to
everyone.  We actually experience many of the same issues our customers run into daily.

Is Apple Pay safe?


Apple Pay is an easy payment method from your Apple device once you assign your existing debit cards and credit cards. The payment to a retailer is completed with a swipe from your Apple device. Card information is
safely stored on your device. Your card details are never shared by Apple when you use Apple Pay, making payments with your iPhone and Apple Watch very secure.

My iPhone seems to be acting strangely.  Certain calls or apps have been giving me a problem.

The answer is a very old and less technical answer, which is to simply restart your device. Apple has a done a great job sandboxing issues, but a clean startup of a device often cleans up dysfunctional caches within the
device. After restarting, make sure your iOS and apps are up to date.

I received an email from myself. Is that a problem?

The answer is maybe.  More than likely, it is a spammer trying to spoof your email address for the purpose to get your attention to buy something.  Look at the email and avoid clicking on anything in the
email.  Some spam may actually contain dangerous malware. The best form of action is to simply delete the item.  I think of normal spam as being uninvited advertising.  More dangerous are emails that appear to be sent from banks,
PayPal, FedEx type organizations, or contain time-sensitive messages with links and attachments.  These are dangerous and should never be clicked on.  If unsure,

the Ease Tech Help Desk.  It may be a good idea to have the email checked out professionally or change your email password if it has been a while.

What is a good technical online training option for some of my employees?

LinkedIn Learning

(formerly is a great online resource for a wide range of business software for all levels.  Besides common business applications, there are courses for business and creative skills.  So, there are classes on marketing,
programming, project management, accounting, video production and tons more. They offer a 30-day free trial and fees start at about $24/month.

Tip: Check your online Social Settings

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media programs are all online web applications.  They quietly roll out many new features every year, and many are background options.  More importantly,
there are privacy settings assigned to much of these too.  We all have gotten and have clicked AGREE to those multi-page End User License Agreements (EULA’s).  Check the privacy and security settings of these online social media
programs and decide for yourself how much you want to control who has access to your posts, threads, and personal information.

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