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5 Reasons a Cloud Migration Means Less Work for You

Stop. Don’t buy that new server. Sure the old server is dusty, slow, behind-the-times. Sure it’s incompatible with some of your new systems. Maybe it shut down altogether, and you’re reading this at Starbucks across the street from your office. But we implore you: Rather than diving headfirst into another expensive piece of hardware that will inevitably fail you, consider cloud migration.

The reality is, you’re already utilizing the cloud. Actually, 90% of organizations use the cloud in some way. It may come in bits and pieces. Maybe you use Office 365 or ADP for payroll. But a true migration to the cloud could mean less work for you in the long run.

Here are our top 5 reasons cloud migration means less work for you.

No ongoing hardware maintenance.

The problem with servers, of course, is that they are machines. No matter how amazing they are out of the box, time and use wear them down. Just look at some of those Terminator movies if you don’t believe us. When the average lifespan of a server is three to five years, you may be looking down the barrel of pretty hefty investments every few years. That’s not to mention the cost of powering, managing and cooling your server room.

In the long run, a move to the cloud puts all the hardware maintenance on the data center, and you never have to worry about it.

No ongoing software maintenance.

The problem with software is maintenance (in terms of patches and updates) and licensing. If your server is on premise, then you essentially must roll out all the updates. Most businesses with on-premise servers have a tendency to do this at night when the fewest people are working. But this may require some overnight staffing to help maintain the integrity of the network.

With cloud-based software, your updates are automatic and behind-the-scenes, so you never experience the downtime, and you never have to worry about multiple versions of software throughout your organization, which can slow down productivity.

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No scaling guesswork.

Is your business growing? Are you adding staff left, right and center? Considering a three-to-five-year lifespan on servers, you have to guess what kind of storage you might need going several years out. Think, are your storage needs today going to meet your needs a few years from now? Is it worth paying for that “down the road” storage now, so you don’t have to invest in new equipment earlier than planned?

In the cloud, scalability is infinite. As your needs ebb and flow, so can your storage.

No complex BDR.

What do you do when your server room has a foot of water in it? How does your backup system work? BDR planning is a complex endeavor, made even more complex when adding critical hardware to the list. But a true cloud migration can give you the power to work anywhere, anytime. This means after a disaster, you can log into your system from any desktop, laptop or mobile device, accessing your hard-earned data without any trouble.

No lag in technology.

Finally, as you invest in new technologies to help you compete and stay relevant, you never want your older tech standing in the way. With a cloud migration, you retain the ability to integrate new tech, because your network’s foundation is in the cloud. No more rigging systems, no more square pegs in a round hole. This is simply best technology practices.

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