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3 things you need to do before implementing your BYOD plan

While most businesses are attracted to the cost-efficiency of a BYOD program, there are certain things that must be done to ensure the plan is successful.

BYOD policy

3 ways a BYOD policy for your business will make your life easier

BYOD policies are just smart. You get a cheap, easy way to keep costs down while maximizing productivity. Your staff gets improved flexibility.. And, most importantly, you don’t leave yourself open to cybersecurity weak points. Here’s A good BYOD policy has you covered.

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The cloud and your business: what you need to know

Cloud storage keeps your files updated and your applications online in the event of a disruption, big or small. The cloud automates backups which remove the risk of human error. If your on-site server goes down, cloud services ensure that your business doesn’t miss a beat.