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How do the largest cloud providers stack up?

Adoption of cloud computing is one of the fastest -growing trends in business today. To stay competitive, control costs, and enhance productivity, the cloud is offering a variety of solutions for businesses. Research is a must, so here are four of the top names in cloud computing.

Your guide to setting up a HIPAA-compliant cloud

When you put your healthcare organization’s patient data on the cloud, you enjoy a range of benefits. Organize all of your data and use analytics to make the most accurate decisions possible. At the same time, you must make sure that your cloud complies with HIPAA.

ProFiles in storage (all 5 MB worth)

When I first saw an Apple ProFile in the fall of 1981 while working at an Apple dealership, my mind raced at the prospects. An infinite amount of data storage which would send floppy discs to the waste heap. Not really.

The top 4 things that take you out of compliance

Aging technology and processes sometimes result in mistakes that interfere with regulatory compliance requirements. So, what are common mistakes that cause otherwise responsible organizations in various fields to fall out of compliance when they make the move to new solutions?

What is file sync and how could your business use it?

File sync is a way for your business to easily access files and to see any changes immediately. It is one advantage of cloud computing and enables your personnel, no matter where they are, to work from the most recent versions of images, text, video, graphics and even music.

The cloud and your business: what you need to know

Cloud storage keeps your files updated and your applications online in the event of a disruption, big or small. The cloud automates backups which remove the risk of human error. If your on-site server goes down, cloud services ensure that your business doesn’t miss a beat.