7 Ways to Improve Technology at Your School

It’s a new day for educators. Never has great technology offered better educational opportunities that are affordable and accessible. However, when it comes to implementing your school’s technology agenda, it’s easy to go off the rails.

At EaseTech, we’re big proponents of the managed education service model, because it puts the technology’s burden of proof onto the professionals, leaving your staff and teachers in a position to focus on what they do best: teaching our children.

Here are 7 ways we think managed education services can help improve technology at your school.


Cybersecurity breaches are an inevitable part of data collection. This isn’t just students cracking into the network to turn F’s into A’s. Major universities are targeted, not only for their wealth of private student data, including social security and credit card numbers but also for the government-funded research often found on these campuses. Recently, infamous Russian hacker Rasputin hacked into dozens of major universities around the world to sell data on the dark web.

The key is to set up your network so that your system’s defenses are strong, and then have an actionable plan for recovery when data loss occurs. Strong firewalls and antivirus software that is well thought out and implemented campus-wide can do wonders for layering your network. Likewise, frequent testing of backups can help ensure recovery from data loss.


Tablets are a great addition to students’ education. In fact, in 2017, iPads were up 32% in the education sector. They’re convenient, fun and give easy access to some of the internet’s best educational resources.

When planning out 1:1 tablet programs for students, device management can be a daunting task. But a good managed services provider is experienced in the deployment of tablets across hundreds of students. You need to be able to scale as necessary without having a device surplus. Strategic planning on your MSP’s part can help.

The Cloud

Cloud technology is an amazing way to store and manage homework, pass out assignments, give commentary on work and more. With platforms like Google for Education, your students can learn the fundamentals of cloud technology through practice.

With apps and programs offered as a service, you not only help flatline your IT budget, but you also get enterprise-level software, no matter what size your school is.


One of the trickiest technologies to get right is Wi-Fi. Between modems, routers and wireless access points, a Wi-Fi strategy requires a deft hand at mapping. You want students to have mobility on campus without losing productivity. By offloading your Wi-Fi mapping, you can get the best results for your students to ensure there are no dead spots and there’s easy access when they need it.

ID Management

Whether you’ve got dozens of students or thousands, the security of their private data is dependent on proper ID management protocols. Setting standards for complicated passwords and even two-factor authentication can greatly improve security. Guidance from experts on best practices can help you combat rampant identity theft that’s common today.

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IT budgets are always a concern. With managed education services, you flatline your budget by offloading your IT to a third party. You plan out months, even years, in advance so there are no surprises. You then start to make your IT dollars work for you. This is how you get in a position so your education starts driving your technology, not the other way around.

IT Staffing

Hiring the right IT staff is incredibly difficult. Luckily, with managed education services you never have to worry about that. Your IT provider covers all tech support, planning, cable management, cybersecurity, strategic planning and much more. You never have to rely on one or two IT people who are stretched so thin on IT support issues that planning and goals are never achieved.

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