Summer vacations and traveling are a great way to relax and unwind.  For many though, work follows them no matter how far they try to get away.  Before setting out the airport or hitting the beaches, here are
a few ideas on keeping your technology in order while on the road.

1. Backup Before You Go
Make sure you have a good backup of all your devices.  If something were to happen to your technology while you are traveling it would be much easier to recover that data when you return.  Cloud-based backup systems can also provide some
limited access to files that you may have forgotten while traveling.

2. File Your Travel Documents
Keep your travel plans, hotel confirmation, the contact information of your credit card company, phone numbers and other important trip information stored in a secure cloud notes program.  I like to use Evernote because I can add PDFs, emails
and text notes, but you may already be using Apple’s Notes or Microsoft’s OneNote Online.  If your gear gets lost or stolen you’ll have access to your information online in one of these cloud-based apps from any device.

3. Stay Protected
Some travelers are required to get vaccinations before they go overseas.  In the same way, tech-savvy travelers should get the latest virus updates installed for their systems too.  Be sure to turn on the password protection options for
your electronic devices, as this will ensure the data on your devices is much safer if they were to get lost or stolen.

4. Mark Your Stuff
Your name was written all over your personal items back when you went to summer camp.  Well, your mom had it right, so be sure to label your equipment with your cell phone number.  That number on your electronic devices will be the easiest
way for that Good Samaritan to call you with your lost gear.

5. Track Your Stuff
Along with marking your stuff, there are a host of inexpensive tracking devices for your bags, gear and personal possessions.  One of the simplest ways to do this is with the Tile products.  They are Bluetooth enabled trackers that work
with your iPhone and provide a way in busy areas for you to keep an eye on important items you are carrying with you from place to place. They can be used with a camera bag, suitcase and even your wallet.

6. Find Your Friends
Apple iPhones and iPads have a feature called Find your Friends.  Once enabled the software provides an easy way to keep track of family and friends, provided you are within cell coverage.  Knowing the location of members of your group can
be useful at the airport, amusement park or at the beach.

7. Power-up
Remember to bring all the proper power cords and an extra extension cord for your smartphone, cameras and laptops.  Being properly equipped for power during your vacation can make a big difference in getting that access you expect versus blowing
a few hours of your precious time looking for Dell power adapters near Old Faithful.  If you do lose a power cord, just ask the hotel front desk or housekeeping for a replacement.  You won’t be the first to do so, and it’s
likely that they will have a pile of cords in a box with housekeeping.