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5 Common IT Support Questions, Answered

Common IT support questions are a plague for users and IT people alike. It’s typically small issues that annoy us the most, and these are no different.

Why not solve them yourself and save some time?

Here are a few of the most prevalent IT support questions, and how you can resolve them yourself.

Why is my computer so loud?

For the most part, the noise comes from wobbly fans. Whenever they’re not set properly on their axis of rotation, they spin at an angle and clip their surroundings. That’s most likely the noise you’re hearing all the time.

Dust can also cause them to rotate improperly, causing noise. The remedy to it all? Clean out your fans with compressed air (and be careful to not blast the sensitive electrical components). In a worst-case scenario, you can always replace the fans – the installation isn’t hard and they’re inexpensive.

Is this supposed to be there?

If you have to ask, the answer is usually no. Many people often inadvertently download toolbars and other random bloatware programs. Typically, these are bundled in with legitimate downloads (which makes them super annoying to spot and remove).

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The big problem is that people can accidentally download viruses and other malware. To avoid this problem completely, you’ll need to combine proper permissions with robust antivirus/content filtering programs.

Why does my screen look… weird?

Resolution concerns are extremely common in the day-to-day. You might notice that images and applications look a little… off. Sometimes, the problem can be so apparent that you’ll actually have black bars around your display.

Luckily, this one is an easy fix.

  • For Windows: Right-click on your desktop and find the resolution or display settings. From there, you should be able to use a slider that changes the resolution. Your computer will even automatically recommend a size that fits your specific monitor.
  • For Mac: Click on the Finder and locate “System Preferences”. From there, you’ll need to find the option labeled “Displays”. You can then manually adjust your resolution or let the computer automatically detect the best settings for you.

Why can’t I log in?

There’s a fairly good chance you’ve been misspelling your password this whole time. It’s quite common. Be sure to look at which keys you’re pressing to ensure that your password is totally correct.

Another common culprit is caps lock. When you’re stuck in uppercase letters, all case-sensitive computer systems won’t grant you access.

I can’t print! Is the printer broken?

Probably not. Before you take a hammer to your printer, make sure that it’s on and eligible to receive print jobs. Most printers have panels that display error codes, so be sure to look out for those.

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If your printer is on and functioning, it may be a driver-related issue. A “driver” is the software in your computer that “speaks” to the hardware to make it work. Without it, there’s not a way for the two to communicate and work.

Many times, you’ll need to reinstall your drivers to get the printer working again. It’s not a hard procedure, but it’s known to cause madness in IT people (given enough occurrences).

…But if you’re fed up?

If you’re fed up with dealing with these issues, consider switching your business to a managed services approach. With managed services, you’ll never have to waste your time with trivial IT support matters again.

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Managed IT support providers give your business proactive solutions that keep these problems from happening in the first place. Not every issue is avoidable, but managed service providers make sure you’re quickly taken care of when they do.