Woman pointing at screen considering outsourcing her IT support.

4 Business Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support

When it comes to deciding on how to format a companies IT infrastructure appropriately, many business owners wonder about the most efficient way to handle all of their IT-related needs.

While some companies deploy in-house teams to manage their day-to-day support, others have found it advantageous to outsource most or all of their IT functionality.

The truth is, however, hiring managed services for company IT needs can be extremely beneficial to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Here are 4 business benefits that outsourcing your IT support team can bring.

Better Controlled Costs

Typically, organizations that don’t outsource their IT needs work off of a “break-fix” method. This is a reactive approach that many internal teams use which simply adopts the attitude of “don’t fix what isn’t broken” when it comes to implementing new systems or upgrading hardware.

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This approach may seem to be the most cost-effective way of handling your IT support. But, it’s also a recipe for disaster when something inevitably goes wrong with your systems.

Outsourcing your IT support allows you to benefit from variable cost services that proactively plan for all your organization’s software and equipment needs much more efficiently, while still only paying for the services you require at any given time.

You’ll also be able to save the considerable amount of investment capital normally put into recruitment services and sign on bonuses for experienced in-house staff members. Instead of limiting yourself to one or two talented individuals, you’ll get a team of experienced IT professionals for nearly the same annual budget.

Increased Core Business Focus

Hiring a managed IT service enables team members to focus on the strategic business goals of the company, while an experienced team of IT professionals ensures the business is operating at maximum efficiency.

Managed services can help automate many of the manual business processes that company’s use on a day-to-day basis and make it much easier for the scalability of your organization.

Did You Know? 42% of small businesses plan to increase IT spending in 2017.

Another important feature that outsourced IT services can provide is the development and execution of effective disaster recovery plans. These emergency measures are critical for companies to continue operating after catastrophic system outages and security breaches leading to data loss.

Trusting the pros to create one for you can end up saving your company.

Immediate Access To Newer Technologies

In-house teams typically take longer to budget necessary time and resources to execute new IT development projects. Meanwhile, outsourced teams are able to act immediately. That ensures your company’s IT efforts operate as efficiently as they can at all times.

The experience of managed IT service teams also provides a fresh perspective to organizations when comparing older technologies in use with newer ones readily available.

Along with the experience and flexibility that managed IT services provide comes potential savings for the latest software tools and resources. Since IT service companies develop relationships with vendors, they’ll have better-negotiated rates.

These discounted rates are then passed on to their clients during system integration.

Wider Pool of Talent

Managed IT providers are specialists in their industry, meaning they know what it takes to build a successful IT department. This specialization means that service companies tend to be more qualified. When it comes to sourcing and hiring the best IT professionals available, they can’t be beat.

Since many teams work remotely, service companies usually have a larger pool of talent to choose from than most companies looking to hire in-house IT personnel. This flexibility allows managed IT services to employ large teams, allowing quicker solutions and 24-hour IT support for your company.

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This is a tremendous benefit, especially when it comes to reducing downtime and ensuring system integrity.

Many benefits can come from outsourcing your IT support needs. Managed IT companies help control operational costs in an organization while enabling businesses to benefit from the latest technology available with 24-hour support provided by IT industry professionals.