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Are you looking for a solution for mobile device management in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Virginia or Delaware?

Between managing countless employee devices (BYOD) and protecting networks from mobile security threats, the challenge of mobile device management has never been greater for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Your mobile IT worries end here. Ease Technologies is proud to present an all-in-one software & consulting solution that helps you secure, protect and backup your mobile network across any platform, all while selecting the right tablet and smartphone solutions for your organization’s needs.

Read on to discover proven mobile device management (MDM) services & solutions for small, mid-size and enterprise business. Learn how Ease can help you manage your mobile IT and choose the perfect mobile software, smartphones, and tablets for your business or organization’s needs.

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At Last! An All-In-One MDM Solution

Tired of dealing with all the devices on your network? Managing multiple devices can be frustrating and expensive at best, and a serious threat to IT security at worst.

Fortunately, Ease’s mobile device management (MDM) solutions make it easy to manage and secure any device from one central console. Ease’s intuitive, cost-saving solution works for almost any tablet or smartphone brand you can think of, including:

  • Apple (iOS, iPhone, iPad)
  • Android (Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, LG, Droid, HTC One)
  • Microsoft (Windows Phones & Tablets)
  • …and more!

This system is proven to increase device & app deployment efficiency up to 99%. Here are just a few ways a customizable MDM solution can save you time and money:

·       BYOD Management – Auto-enroll employee devices to eliminate IT onboarding hassles for good. Set BYOD policies that limit device access to compliant networks and data within your organization’s network.

·       Mobile Application Management – Track and manage any installed app on your network with the click of a button. Manage approved applications to protect your IT assets from mobile malware and virus attacks.

·       Mobile Security Management – Mitigate security threats with a powerful suite of security management tools, including a robust suite of encryption and antivirus applications. Protect your data, recover and track missing/stolen devices, and control permissions to easily secure and maintain your network.

·       Mobile Theft Management – Protect your mobile devices with advanced loss prevention and theft investigation systems. Enhanced tracking and recovery systems allow you to quickly identify and locate lost devices, then rapidly initiate the recovery process, all while safeguarding your data assets.

·       Compliance & Licensing Reporting & Management – Computrace geo-fencing technology makes it easy to manage risks and enforce IT compliance for all endpoints from one central console. Plus, our expert mobile asset licensing audit and management services ensure that your cloud and mobile applications remain 100% compliant.

In addition, Ease will help you develop a mobile device management policy that fits the needs of your organization. Whether you’re in healthcare, education, small business, enterprise, or any industry, we work with you to develop a policy and system that addresses your unique needs for security and compliance.

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Smartphone, Tablet & Mobile Technology Consulting

Looking to bring the latest mobile technology into your organization? Not sure which devices are right for the needs of your business?

As a leading mobile IT solutions provider, Ease Technologies can identify the perfect mobile technologies to accelerate your productivity and return-on-investment. As an unbiased consultant, we provide a three-stage solution to bring your business into the mobile era:

1.     IT Budgeting & Planning – Ease works one-on-one with your IT management and executive team to inventory existing IT assets and set a budget for upgrades and new technology acquisition.

2.     Strategic Technology Identification – By understanding your organization, Ease consultants identify the right mobile solutions from your business from the providers that meet your needs and budget.

3.     Mobile Sourcing & Deployment – Ease helps you affordably source and rapidly deploy powerful, game-changing mobile technologies that save time & money for your business. Ease’s unique industry relationships mean exclusive savings when you call Ease today.

Once you have partnered with Ease to deploy the perfect mobile solutions, Ease can provide ongoing mobile device management to secure and amplify the effectiveness of your new mobile strategy.

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