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Looking for a trusted provider of cloud services in Baltimore, Washington DC, Fairfax VA or the surrounding metro area?

With so many cloud services & technologies available, it can be difficult to identify the solution that’s right for your business. Ease Technologies's expert consultants can guide you to a solution that meets your budget and needs while increasing your productivity and cutting your costs.

Read on to discover the affordable benefits of the latest in cloud computing technology, and learn how the region’s premier cloud provider can help you leverage the cloud to get massive ROI in your organization.

Find Your Perfect Cloud Computing Solution

Why is your business looking for a cloud services provider? Are you looking to limit the amount you spend on your IT? Maybe you want to improve the services you offer, improve IT security, or improve worker connectivity and productivity.

Whatever your goals, Ease Technologies can connect you with the latest cloud hosting and integration solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your business. Our solutions don’t just make life easier for your team. Cloud technology saves our customers thousands of dollars on needless IT expenditures each year.

Companies and organizations across the Maryland, Washington DC & Fairfax region leverage our cloud solutions to:

  • Reduce IT costs (both operating expenses and capital expenditures!)
  • Facilitate BYOD programs for end users without compromising security
  • Improve service quality and better meet customer needs
  • Preserve uptime and maximize user productivity

Here are some of our most popular and effective cloud services for small business, mid-sized and enterprise-level companies alike.

Introducing The Ease Cloud Workspace

Discover the ultimate desktop as a service (DaaS) solution for business: Ease Cloud Workspace, a turnkey virtualization platform. This pay-as-you-go, subscription-based solution eliminates the need for onsite servers, software and maintenance costs. Focus time and budget on your strategic objectives with a platform that offers secure, remote end-user access.

With the Cloud Workspace, end-users can easily connect to the desktop and applications they need from any device. The Workspace also features cloud storage in a secure, centralized server, so your data is always protected.

With the Ease Cloud Workspace, you can:
  • Save On IT Costs
  • Maximize User Productivity
  • Work from Anywhere
  • End IT Security Worries For Good
  • Keep Remote & Mobile Users Connected
..and more!

Learn more about the Ease Cloud Workspace »

Cloud Hosting, Integration & Facilitation

In addition to the Ease Cloud Workspace, Ease Technologies is certified and authorized to provide you with the best cloud hosting and integration solutions on the market. We help you evaluate the pros and cons of each hosting provider, then seamlessly integrate the right solution into your existing IT infrastructure.

With cloud hosting options like Office 365 or Hosted Exchange, you can:

  • Eliminate server management to save money and end hardware hassles
  • Simplify Mobile Device Management (MDM) and BYOD programs
  • Provide easy, instant remote access for end-users from anywhere in the world

Ease Technologies also provides complete cloud integration and facilitation services so you can easily share data between your most important applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. Benefits of our integrated cloud services include:

  • Remote, real-time access to data from any device
  • Unified logon info for increased accessibility and productivity
  • Maintain data integrity and eliminate data redundancies between applications
  • Easy scalability for users and applications, so your IT can grow at the speed of your business.

For cloud services and solutions that fit your business needs, give the experts at Ease Technologies a call today at 1-888-327-3911.

For over 20 years, Ease Technologies has provided the latest IT solutions for businesses across the DC-Metro region. We currently provide cloud services to Baltimore, Washington DC, Fairfax VA, Columbia MD and surrounding areas.