Deployment Services

With the complete logistics for staging, integration, and deployment for all of your technology solutions, Ease can economically and reliably handle your technology investments – both small and large.  

Our regional Integration & Deployment Center and associated services efficiently complete every stage required of a computer storage, setup, and installation.  Located minutes from a major regional airport hub, our team can handle each step from direct ship from manufacturer to  desktop installation and training in a cost-effective and streamlined manner.  With the successful handling of multiple thousands of systems and devices, our advanced process and experienced resources can make your technology deployment a success.  

Our team has the experience and professional capabilities to conduct deployment services for multiple technology devices that your organization needs to setup for us the capability to image and deliver large numbers of systems and peripherals to multiple locations.  Easy Access to I-95 and BWI Airport.

Ease Technologies computer deployment services include but are not limited to:

  • Receive shipments  direct from manufacturer to the regional Integration Deployment Center or your location
  • Inventory computers, equipment, and peripherals
  • Bind systems to Active Directory or alternative Directory Services
  • Image creation and testing services
  • Mobile Profile creation and management
  • Deliver computers, tablets, monitors, and iPads to customer locations
  • Setup and installation services
  • Equipment removal and e-cycling 
  • Project management of engagements