Chesapeake Ceramics

Customer Profile

For over 30 years, Chesapeake Ceramics has been serving the needs of the ceramics industry. More than 15,000 items are maintained in stock and 50,000 additional items can be special ordered from from their online eCommerce website. Chesapeake Ceramics is one of the world's largest distributors of many key ceramics studios products to the industry.


Chesapeake Ceramics had an existing custom developed eCommerce system written in on an older code base. There were some major issues that included keeping track of orders, lost shopping carts, site performance, an old design and costly updates. Chesapeake Ceramics wanted a modern eCommerce platform that supported Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to give them better access to online shoppers. They also needed a way to manage and implement a web based system that supported multiple pricing levels dependent on the customer classification.


Ease developed a web based eCommerce system to meet their needs. This involved importing products and pictures from the existing system. Implemented a session management system to keep cart info over time. Ease added the ability to re-order from previous orders and implemented the custom pricing levels. All changes were done with a system that increased speed at which all users could access the web based database and provide a built-in SEO for better web rankings.

“Ease has exceeded my expectations in their development work and is readily available to help improve our online store.”

Steve Prichett