Bridges to Housing Stability

Bridges to Housing Stability


Bridges to Housing Stability assists local community households who are homeless or in danger of losing their housing. They provide planning and support services for families in need.


Bridges to Housing Stability was operating the entire organization on an older and over-utilized server. The previous technology was problematic and caused increasing down time that affected communications. Bridges had disparate technologies that resulted in overspending on equipment and services.


Bridges to Housing Stability centralized all their IT Support to Ease Managed Services (EMS) and the EMS Help Desk. Mail services were migrated to a cloud-based Office 365 solution.


Bridges reduced capital and operating costs with a predictable monthly solution using Office 365. EMS helps reduce costs by tracking all the organization’s inventories, and provides predictable annual technology budgeting. The EMS Help Desk quickly solves technical problems, allowing employees to be more productive and able to better support their mission.