5 Benefits of a Cloud Office

With today’s cyber climate, business professionals are looking at innovative ways to increase security and still manage firm costs. New and advanced cloud solutions offer advantages to traditional computer infrastructure only found in large business several years ago.  A cloud offering takes what may be traditionally found in a local server room and moves services to a remote cloud environment.  Cloud solutions range from files, applications, and databases to servers and desktops.

cloud services

So, what are the benefits of a virtual cloud office?

Reduce and manage costs
Many small- and medium-sized firms have maintained an in-house IT environment.  This has involved the procurement of costly servers, computers, software, and the support to maintain these complex systems.  Cloud services can reduce operational costs and cut capital expenditures by eliminating more on-site IT equipment.  A cloud provider can roll up the servers and desktop systems to provide a complete virtual office in the cloud.  IT costs can turn into a predictable monthly fixed fee model for the firm’s budget. This plan can also extend the life of your current workstation and laptop investments with less frequent hardware upgrades.

Remote Access
Having the ability to work from nearly anywhere is a critical aspect for any professional.  This means more than just reading emails and communicating with clients while on the road.  Attorneys and accountants must work on case information securely from any device. With Internet access, cloud based desktop systems can connect from any PC, laptop, or tablet, no matter the operating system.

Information security is imperative for all businesses and critical for professionals. Malware and cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate. Trying to equip and keep users up-to-date on all security procedures can be a daunting task. A cloud desktop can be an encrypted connection from point to point across the Internet. Even if that device is lost, damaged, or stolen, the only way to get to that cloud connection again is through a new secure authentication.  Cloud solutions offer more secure industry standards than any small business can imagine achieving in-house.

Backup and disaster recovery
The most important part of any disaster recovery plan starts with a well-implemented back-up strategy.  Hurricanes, floods, fires, cyber-attacks, and earthquakes are unpredictable devastating events for any business. Knowing that your firm’s and clients’ data is secured outside your office provides the best level of protection against these disasters. A cloud service stores this data remotely, and the best services keep redundant backups across multiple sites in the country. This level of protection is out of reach for most firms with only in-house support.

Management and scalability
A cloud based virtual office can provide a much easier way to scale resources for the firm.  It is much more convenient to turn on and off services for employees with cloud services.  One single point of administration can provide reports on use management for compliance. This secure scaling of devices can be offered for work from home and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Ready to see these benefits in action?  Check out our brief video on how it all works here

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Demystifying the Cloud - June Lunch and Learn

Cloud ServicesAre you interested in increasing your firms security and reducing capital costs?  Join us for the Ease June Lunch and Learn - Demystifying the Cloud .  Participants in the online webinar will learn how advances in cloud services can provide employees of all size firms the ability to securely work from anywhere.

We will cover how the cloud provides improved security against cyber threats and enhances any firms disaster recovery from all types calamities. 

Remote and mobile remote access
Secure file sharing 
Office 365
Reducing capital expenditures 
Back up and recovery 
Improving firm data security

Learn how innovative cloud solutions can transform the way you work today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
12:00 pm -1:00 pm

Online Webinar

Dave Kile - Senior Vice President, Ease Technologies, Inc.
Pat Bubeck - Cloud Engineer, Ease Technologies, Inc.

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How to Notify Data Breach Victims

Data breaches almost seem to be a common occurrence with larger corporations like Target, Home Depot, CareFirst and Microsoft.  Small and medium size organizations are just as susceptible to these cyber compromises and should follow the same notification procedures if a data breach occurs.  

data breachThese types of compromises can erode customers' confidence in companies, which can cause lost business. It is important to get in front of the situation to provide a clear and timely message to those affected as to the extent of the situation.  To help lessen some of the negative feelings that victims experience after a data breach, you should write a notification letter that openly addresses what they need to know and do so in a thoughtful manner.

Before you start writing, you need to contact your legal counsel, IT provider, and public relations team to see if the letter must meet any country, region, or industry-specific regulations. Some regulations, for example, require that you include specific content or notify victims within a certain time period after you learn of the data breach.  

You will also likely need to notify your state's attorney general’s office with details of the breach. Each state of the affected individual or organization may need to be notified as well.  The National Conference of State Legislature provides some information each states breach notification here.

A notification letter should offer some of these details:
• Information about the personal data lost and how it was lost, unless prohibited by law.
• Share what steps have been taken to prevent further unauthorized access to the individual's personal data.
• Explain the measures being addressed so this does not happen again.
• Provide options or next steps the person can take, such as signing up for a complimentary identity protection product.
• Inform them you will be monitoring the situation and communicating back if there are important updates or changes to this situation.
• Include a toll-free phone number that the person can call for more information. If you have set up a website to help victims, include its URL address.

Remember that you and your customers are the victims of data breach.  Your organization is managing the communication to them, and they will not understand the extent or complexity of the situation.  Reach out with empathy, be apologetic and take responsibility for the breach.   

If you would like to help mitigate your companies risk, please contact Ease about an a cyber awareness training program at (301) 854-0010. Again, if a breach occurs, contact legal counsel to meet all your obligations to the best of your ability.

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Cyber Security: Risks and Planning for Executives [Recorded Webinar]

Join Ease Technologies and the McFarlin Insurance Agency for a repeat of the special one-hour webinar on Cyber Security: Risks and Planning for Executives. 

If you are looking for a better technical service provider? Give Ease Technologies a call today.  WE provide quick and patient support for your technical issues.  Our customers appreciate our innovative ideas and educational programs like this webinar.  Call us today to learn more at (301) 854-0010
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Cyber Security: Risks and Planning for Executives Webinar

Cyber Security: Risks and Planning for Executives Webinar
May Lunch and Learn Webinar

If you think cyber thieves are only targeting the enterprise accounts in the Baltimore-Washington Region, think again.  The recent wave of ransomware and other compromises impact organizations of all sizes.  Last week the FBI reported that the little-known CEO Fraud scam has cost businesses more than $2.3 billion in losses over the past three years alone. 

cloud computing
Widely under-reported are the attacks on small and medium-sized firms to their financial departments, intellectual property and sensitive client data. Cyber thieves are using increasingly sophisticated malware and social engineering techniques to target your business.
What is the economic impact for a business?  What can be done to mitigate this risk?

Join Ease Technologies and the McFarlin Insurance Agency for a special one-hour webinar on Cyber Security: Risks and Planning for Executives.

  • Common cyber threats 
  • Managing an attack or breach 
  • Economic impacts of a cyber-attack 
  • Ways to mitigate your risk 
  • Insurance risk protection
Who should attend?
CEO, CFO, HR, and Risk Managers

May 4, 2016 - 12 pm - 1:00 pm

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