How to Increase Your Smartphone's Battery Life

gmail authenticationEvery year smartphone batteries increase in capacity. Yet, at the same time, it seems new phone models last less and less time before they need to be plugged in. This frustrating cycle leads many smartphone owners to wonder the same thing. Why can't their latest iPhone or Android device stay on longer than a few hours, despite claims of a much larger battery?

The answer is that newer phones can do more things, beyond streaming cat videos, taking photos, and browsing the web. They also have bigger screens, louder speakers, faster data speeds, more sensors, and so on. These improvements not only take more battery power, but lead to increased usage of smartphones.

So what can you do to increase battery life? While the specifics depend on the exact phone you're using, here are some things that will help right away:

Turn On Automatic Screen Brightness
Most phones have an option to automate the screen's brightness based on ambient light levels. This will help keep screen brightness down when it isn't necessary, and save battery life.

Turn Off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Other Networks and Sensors
Just having these on is considerably draining to the battery life. Turn them off when not in use to make your phone last longer.  

Browse Only on Wi-Fi
When possible, turn off  4G or LTE connectivity and use Wi-Fi networks to browse the web. Wi-Fi antennas use less power than 4G, and will extend the life of your phone.

Use a Case That Blocks the Wake Button
Most people don't realize how often they bump into the unlock button while their phone sits in their pocket. Every time they do, the screen lights up and steals a little bit of battery life. Using a case that secures this button can go a long way for people whose phones live mainly in their pockets.

Android: Turn Off Auto Sync
Unlike iOS, Android apps update and sync individually, and every time they sync they have to power on the phone's data radio. Turning on the radio takes a lot of power and drains your battery. Instead, keep auto sync turned off and instead, sync your phone manually every half hour or hour.

iOS: Turn Off Active Background, Background Motion, and Background App Refresh
These features, many of them introduced in iOS 7, are visually stunning. They're also a major drain on battery resources.

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Cloud Computing Made Easy With the Ease Cloud Workspace

The Ease Cloud Workspace™ is your virtual office wherever you go. The customized work environment allows you to use of your business applications and data with secure access from anywhere, from any device, via any internet or private connection.  You can run and scale your business quickly and securely from anywhere. 

Work From Anywhere
The Ease Cloud Workspace gives users secure, high-performance access to applications and data from any internet-connected device. Enhance productivity by allowing employees to work from home or on the road. A simple logon from your computer, laptop or tablet device gives you quick and easy access your desktop. 

Reduce IT Costs
Significantly reduce operational costs and cut capital expenditures by eliminating on-site servers, software, and maintenance.  The Ease Cloud Workspace can also extend the life of your current workstation investments and removes server costs. 

Eliminate Complex Security Challenges
Information security is imperative. The Ease Cloud Workspace platform addresses complex data privacy and other security requirements so you can focus on building your business.  Your virtual desktop is a secure encrypted session that protects all your sensitive data.

For more information on the Ease Cloud Workspace and other cloud services, give the experts at Ease Technologies a call today at 1-888-327-3911.
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Penton Technology Names Ease Technologies to the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

cloud file sharing

Ease Technologies, Inc. has appeared for the second straight year on Penton Technology’s eighth-annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, a distinguished list and report identifying the world’s top 501 managed service providers (MSPs). The complete 501 list is currently available on the MSPmentor. Additional lists include:

• The top ranked MSPs in North America
• The top MSPs in Europe, Middle East and Africa
• The top MSPs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
• The top Small Business MSP list comprised of the top companies in our annual survey with 10 or fewer employees.

“This recognition is directly due to the hard work and dedication of our employees and loyal clients”, said Chuck Bubeck, President & CEO.  “We continue to successfully adapt and craft our solutions for the changing technical support market and are proud to see our hard efforts rewarded once again”.

Each year, MSPmentor gathers information for its annual rankings through the participation of managed service providers and IT service providers in our annual survey. The survey was conducted from December 2014 through January 2015. Rankings are based Penton Technology’s unique criteria for MSPs such as annual recurring revenues, total revenues and more.

"We want to congratulate Ease Technologies and look forward to covering their growth strategies in the year ahead," said Marcia Parker, Executive Director, Penton Technology Group.

This year the top MSPmentor 501 companies recorded higher recurring revenues than ever before. Combined, the total annual recurring revenues for all of MSPmentor 501 2015 companies reached a record high of $3.95 billion in 2014, up 26.5% year over year.

"Thank you to all the companies who participated in this year's MSPmentor 501 survey, and congratulations to the companies that ranked on our 501 list, our regional lists and our Small Business list," said Jessica Davis, Editor in Chief of MSPmentor and Executive Editor at Penton Technology. "Your participation enables us to continue to provide you with high quality information about the most successful business models, pricing, vertical markets and other approaches to running your businesses in 2015 and beyond."

MSPmentor, produced by Penton Technology, is the ultimate guide to managed services. MSPmentor features the industry’s top-ranked blog, research, Channel Expert Hour Webcasts and FastChat videos. It is the number one online media destination for managed service providers in the world.

About Ease Technologies
Ease Technologies is a technology consulting and services firm for clients and markets who desire flexibility, creative talent and high reliability in a partner.  Since 1993, Ease has provided expertise and service offerings that include Managed IT Services, Cloud Workspace, software development, education consulting and IT staffing serving the Maryland, DC, Virginia region.

Penton drives performance for more than 16 million professionals each and every day. They rely on us to deliver: Insights, information & workflow tools to inform critical business decisions; networking & community to engage them with industry peers & partners; and data & marketing services to advance their business performance & deliver ROI.

Penton is a growth company with a track record of strong performance and success and is backed by its co-owners: MidOcean Partners and U.S. Equity Partners II, an investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., LP.

For additional information on the company and its businesses, visit


Jessica Davis
Editor in Chief,

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8 Tips for Secure File Sharing in the Cloud

File sharing has become one of the more common uses of cloud services.  The convenience of easy-to-use features along with a low price point have made Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and others frequently used by many businesses.  Sensitive business documents are readily being shared between employees, customers and family members on the same accounts.

cloud file sharing

It's not that services like Dropbox are insecure, but rather how people are using them.  Here are eight tips to help you stay more secure while using file sharing services.

1. Use Paid Services
There are plenty of cloud sharing services that offer gigabytes of storage for free.  Paid versions of these services typically offer enhanced security options.  Invest in and use the extra security features.

2. Set Expiration Dates
One of the features most paid file sharing services provide is allowing you to control the length of time you share a document or folder with someone.  Set an expiration date that is realistic, but never ending.  You can always renew and extend the time based on your needs.

3. Assign Passwords To Shared Folders
Not everyone you know is as security minded as you.  Thus, some services allow you to assign passwords and set a security level if need be. 

4. Set Permissions
The more important the information, the more controls you want to put on the documents you are sharing.  You can assign different levels of permissions for folders and documents.  Some information can be read-only, and others can be given complete access.  In some cases you may want to create drop-boxes that people can add documents to, but where they cannot see the contents of the folders.  Providing full read-write and open access to your shared folders leaves your documents too open, increasing the risk of potential security breaches.

5. Use Complex Passwords
Use a combination of at least eight characters - upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers - to create a more complex password.  The two most popular passwords are "password" and "123456" to this day, and are fine examples of passwords not to create.  

6. Use Unique Passwords
Don't use the same password across multiple sites.  It would be very troubling to have your Facebook account compromised, but foolish to give those same thugs access to your bank, email and credit cards too.

7. Two-factor Authentication
Other security features such as secondary or two-factor authentication should also be used.  Services that use this method will send users a message with a one-time code that they must enter before accessing the system.  This is often an option and is typically set up with a text message sent to your smartphone.

8. Device Auto-locking
Most file sharing services provide round-trip access of your documents on your PC, web browser, iPhone and iPad.  Make sure all your devices have auto-locking set up to keep all points of access locked down.

Sign up for one of our upcoming Lunch and Learn Online Webinars.  Everyone month we cover topics on keeping your business secure, cloud services or iOS in business.  Check out our Events Page now to learn more.

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iOS tips for your iPhone and iPad: Control Center

Apple has added many ways for you to improve your productivity on your iPhone and iPad.  The Control Center provides quick and easy access to some the most common iOS controls.  the Control Center helps you mange your dive whether you are in a meeting, in the car or about to get on a plane.

Check out the 6:00 minute video to take full advantage of your iPhone or iPad. 

Sign up for one of our upcoming Lunch and Learn Online Webinars.  Everyone month we cover topics on keeping your business secure, cloud services or iOS in business.  Check out our Events Page now to learn more.

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