Outlook for iOS

Microsoft just recently released Outlook for iOS.  Business users that have Exchange or Office 365 mail servers will see the new mobile Outlook as a solid addition for their iPhone and iPad.  Outlook unifies mail, calendaring and files into one app making it easier to keep your business tools aligned.  

PC Outlook users will appreciate the unified suite of applications that Outlook for iOS brings into one mobile app. Access to your files in OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive is an option too.  No need to jump back and forth between Mail and Calendar on your iOS devices.  You can add other mail services like your Google and Yahoo accounts as well. 

There are a solid base of features already built into the app and was very well thought out by the Microsoft development team.  For example you can customize swipes from your preference settings to delete, archive, flag, move, or mark your mail.  Quick links to share files in mail from your cloud drives.  The calendar view is easy to navigate and straightforward to edit. The app launches quickly and is very responsive.  

Users will like how easy the app is to setup and will find the user interface very intuitive as they get started.  Once I had it running on my iPad, I was anxious to install it on my iPhone.  Even as a first release this is a must have for anyone working with Microsoft mail servers and iOS.  

In addition, ActiveSync can be used for remote wipes and uses a passcode to encrypt all the data stored on your device.  There are a surprising number of features to make any current PC iOS user happy, but of course room for some improvements with contacts in future releases. 

In addition, if you are an Office 365 user be sure to check out Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note for iOS.  Microsoft is really serving up a strong suite of apps that work very well together and now with Outlook it really completes the package. Better yet this is free to all Office 365 subscribers. You can download all of these apps in the iTunes store today.

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Ease Technologies Named to Managed Service Provider 500 List by CRN

Company Recognized for Exemplary Approach to Delivery of Managed IT Services  

Columbia, MD February 17, 2015 – Ease Technologies, the leading IT Services Provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, today announced it has earned recognition on The Channel Company’s 2015 CRN Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list as one of the MSP Pioneer 250. This annual list distinguishes the top technology providers and consultants in North America whose leading approach to managed services enables their customers to improve operational efficiencies, elicit greater value from their IT investments, and successfully leverage technology to achieve greater competitive advantage.


In today’s world of outsourced IT, the expertise of MSPs has become increasingly important to organizations. The plethora of choices in terms of consumption and procurement of technology can become overwhelming. To help facilitate companies’ selection and adoption of managed services and providers, CRN, the leading media outlet for technology vendors and solution providers who serve end-user customers, has identified the top 500 MSPs.

This year, CRN’s industryfocused directory highlights the Top 500 MSPs in three categories: 100 Hosting Providers who are experienced in providing mainly off-premise, or cloud-based, services; 150 Elite Service Providers who are large data center-focused solution providers with a strong mix of on-premise professional services as well as off-premise services; and 250 Progressive Service Providers who have a business model heavily weighted toward managed services geared toward the small and midsize business market.

“The allure of Everything-as-a-Service to organizations is largely rooted in the appeal of predictable operational expenses, cost-cutting, resource allocation and access to on-demand/pay-as-you-go technology. Therein lies a great need for the expertise of managed service providers,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “We congratulate the managed service providers who have engineered, or re-engineered, their businesses to deliver the services their customers rely on for future growth and ongoing success.”

“All of us at Ease are excited about being placed again on the list for the second year in a row and give credit to the hard work and dedication of our employees and loyal clients”, said Chuck Bubeck, President & CEO.  “We have successfully adapted and crafted our solutions for the changing technical support market over the last two decades and are proud to see our efforts rewarded once again”.

Coverage of the MSP500 will be featured in the February 2015 issue of CRN and online at,

About Ease Technologies
Ease Technologies is a technology consulting and services firm for clients and markets who desire flexibility, creative talent and high reliability in a partner.  Since 1993, Ease has provided expertise and service offerings that include Managed IT Services, Cloud Workspace, software development, education consulting and IT staffing serving the Maryland, DC, Virginia region.

About the Channel Company
The Channel Company, with established brands including CRN, XChange Events, IPED and SharedVue, is the sales channel community’s trusted authority for growth and innovation. For more than three decades, we have leveraged our proven and leading-edge platforms to deliver prescriptive sales and marketing solutions for the technology sales channel. The Channel Company provides Communication, Recruitment, Engagement, Enablement, Demand Generation and Intelligence services to drive technology partnerships.

Learn more at

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Are You Prepared for the Windows Server 2003 End of Support?

Coming up on July 14, 2015, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows Server 2003 products. In technical terms, this is the "end-of-life" date. Servers won't spontaneously combust, but for many business users, the results could be just as disastrous.

windows server 2003

For a few years after the release of an operating system, Microsoft provides users with updates and extensive customer support options. This stage of the operating system's lifecycle is known as the mainstream support period. After the mainstream support period, the operating system enters an extended support period. At this point, Microsoft only offers extended customer support and key security patches. As a general rule, both the mainstream support and extended support periods each last five years, although Microsoft will sometimes extend them.

After the extended support period, Microsoft stops providing security updates for the operating system. These updates are crucial for cyber security since they patch security holes. Customers who are still using a Microsoft product after the end of support often find themselves in a difficult dilemma. They must find an alternative to the product or risk cyber security breaches.

Learning from the 2014 Microsoft XP Crisis

As of July 2014, an estimated 20-30 million servers worldwide were using Windows Server 2003. Unless action is taken, these servers will be vulnerable to cyber attacks when support for the operating system ends.

A similar situation occurred before the end of support for Windows XP. Businesses across the world scrambled to keep their systems safe before the deadline. Many rushed to find an alternative operating system. Others entered into expensive custom service agreements with Microsoft. Custom service agreements can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are little more than stopgap solutions as businesses eventually must upgrade.

The end of support for Windows XP also presented problems in terms of hardware and software. With regards to hardware, Windows XP drivers were unlikely to be available again. New hardware would either not function, or function in a very limited way using old drivers. Moving forward, software would also fail to support Windows XP, and even worse, old software could become an entry point for malware.

Choices Moving Forward

Here are your options:

1.     Ask an outsourced firm or internal resources to give your business a proposal for a new server and project to migrate your data and   applications to the new server

2.     Evaluate cloud based options

3.     Roll the dice and put your business at risk

We have found an independent, 3rd party tool to help you determine if your business is a good candidate for a cloud solution. It takes about 2 minutes.  Just go to, and you will get a score and a report emailed back to you immediately. 

In the meantime, if we can help your business, please email or
call (443) 577-4601.

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Keeping Your Business Secure Online - Webinar Replay

If you think your business is too small to be an attractive target for cyber criminals or you don’t have anything worth stealing, think again.

In a recent Verizon study, 71 percent of breaches examined showed that companies with fewer than 100 employees were the primary targets. The last door left open for these cyber attackers is not the technology, but through your employees. Cyber criminals are aggressively targeting and taking advantage of human engineering as new primary means for vast array of compromises. These costly attacks range from snatching intellectual property to outright cyberheists through wire transfers.

Here is replay of our webinar held Wed, Jan 21, 2015. 

Call us today at (301) 854-0010 or contact us on our website to learn more on how cloud services can help your business more secure.
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Top 10 iPad Apps for Legal

Ever wonder if you could run your entire law office off of an iPad.  There was a time, not that long ago when that idea would have been laughable.  Today, however, all the tools are there for an attorney to work full time off of an iPad.  Let’s take a look at the Tope 10 iPad Apps for lawyers.

legal ipad apps

Rulebook - Rulebook allows you to build a mobile legal library on the go.  Download items such as the Bluebook™, the Federal Rules of Evidence, the U.S. Constitution, and many other items.  Keep the reference books you use most often together in one easy to use app. iTunes Store 

AgileLaw™ - AgileLaw™ brings you the ability to do electronic depositions without having to print out any exhibits.  This app does require an account with AgileLaw™, but does allow you to try it for free.  Your iPad becomes the perfect mobile tool to handle all documents in real time. iTunes Store  

MyCase - Most law firms use some kind of practice management software package.  MyCase is one of the better ones that has an app for the iPad.  Rely on quick access to contacts, case information, and calendars from wherever you are.  You will need to have an account with MyCase to have full access to all of the features. iTunes Store

Office 365 - Microsoft’s cloud based Office suite and Exchange email.  With an Office 365 subscription, enjoy access to your email, contacts, and shared calendars from anywhere.  Also, a subscription gives you access to the full versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for the iPad.  It also comes with 1 TB of cloud based storage with OneDrive. iTunes Store

Trial Pad - Trial Pad is the must-have app for Trial Lawyers.  It is the easiest and most efficient way to organize and present evidence in a courtroom.  There is no subscription.  Once you buy the app, you own it and receive free technical support. iTunes Store

iTimeKeep - iTimeKeep is designed to help track your billable hours on the go while seamlessly integrating with your firm’s time and billing system.  This easy to use app will ensure that you do not lose any billable hours. iTunes Store

Exhibit A - Presentation software that allows you to organize and present your exhibits in full HD. iTunes Store

Docusign - This app gives you ability to electronically sign and execute contracts and letters on your iPad.  You can organize your documents and e-mail or upload them to your client and your own file storage system.  Full features are available with a subscription, but the free features are terrific on their own. iTunes Store

Lexis Advance - For Lexis Nexis users, this is the must have iPad App.  Be able to fully access all of Lexis Advanced features on your iPad.  Perform all your legal research and Shepardize™ your cases. iTunes Store

Westlaw Next - For Westlaw users, this app is for you.  Access all your legal research on the go.  Includes features such as WestSearch™ and KeyCite™.  Also access your history, documents, and notes, that you started on your computer. iTunes Store

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